October 17th All Events

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October 17th, 2007 (October 17 2007)EventThe Dalai Lama receives the United States Congressional Gold Medal.
October 17th, 2007 (October 17 2007)DeathJoey Bishop, American entertainer, member of the Rat Pack (born in 1918)
October 17th, 2007 (October 17 2007)DeathTeresa Brewer, American pop and jazz singer (born in 1931)
October 17th, 2006 (October 17 2006)EventThe United States population reaches 300 million.
October 17th, 2006 (October 17 2006)DeathDaniel Emilfork, French actor (born in 1924)
October 17th, 2006 (October 17 2006)DeathChristopher Glenn, American newscaster (born in 1938)
October 17th, 2005 (October 17 2005)EventThe Colbert Report first airs.
October 17th, 2005 (October 17 2005)DeathBa Jin, Chinese writer (born in 1904) Ba Jin Quotes
October 17th, 2005 (October 17 2005)DeathFranky Gee, European techno artist (born in 1962)
October 17th, 2004 (October 17 2004)DeathUzi Hitman, Israeli singer (born in 1952)
October 17th, 2003 (October 17 2003)EventThe pinnacle was fitted on the roof of Taipei 101, a 101-floor skyscraper in Taipei, allowing it to surpass the Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur by 50 meters (165 feet) and become the World s tallest highrise.
October 17th, 2003 (October 17 2003)EventEunuchs in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh float the political party Jiti Jitayi Politics.
October 17th, 2002 (October 17 2002)DeathDerek Bell, Irish harpist (The Chieftans) (born in 1935)
October 17th, 2002 (October 17 2002)DeathAileen Riggin, American swimmer (born in 1906)
October 17th, 2001 (October 17 2001)DeathJay Livingston, American songwriter (born in 1915)
October 17th, 2001 (October 17 2001)DeathRehavam Zeevi, Israeli politician (born in 1926)
October 17th, 2000 (October 17 2000)EventTrain crash at Hatfield, north of London, leading to collapse of Railtrack.
October 17th, 2000 (October 17 2000)DeathLeo Nomellini, wrestler (born in 1924)
October 17th, 1999 (October 17 1999)DeathNicholas Metropolis, Greek-American mathematician, physicist and computer scientist (born in 1915)
October 17th, 1998 (October 17 1998)EventAt Jesse, in the Niger Delta, Nigeria, a petroleum pipeline explodes killing about 1200 villagers, some of whom are scavenging gasoline.
October 17th, 1998 (October 17 1998)DeathJoan Hickson, British actress (born in 1906)
October 17th, 1998 (October 17 1998)DeathHakim Mohammed Said, Pakistani scholar and philanthropist
October 17th, 1996 (October 17 1996)DeathChris Acland, English drummer (Lush) (born in 1966)
October 17th, 1993 (October 17 1993)DeathCriss Oliva, American musician (Savatage) (born in 1963)
October 17th, 1992 (October 17 1992)BirthSam Concepcion, Filipino performer and actor
October 17th, 1992 (October 17 1992)DeathHerman Johannes, Indonesian professor, scientist and politician (born in 1912)
October 17th, 1992 (October 17 1992)DeathOrestis Laskos, Greek film director, screenwriter and actor (born in 1908)
October 17th, 1991 (October 17 1991)DeathTennessee Ernie Ford, American singer and television performer (born in 1919)
October 17th, 1989 (October 17 1989)EventLoma Prieta earthquake (7.1 on the Richter scale) hits the San Francisco Bay Area and causes 57 deaths directly (and 6 indirectly).
October 17th, 1989 (October 17 1989)BirthPhoebe Tonkin, Australian actress
October 17th, 1987 (October 17 1987)BirthBea Alonzo, Filipina actress
October 17th, 1987 (October 17 1987)BirthJaroslaw Fojut, Polish footballer
October 17th, 1984 (October 17 1984)BirthJelle Klaasen, Dutch darts player
October 17th, 1984 (October 17 1984)BirthChris Lowell, American actor
October 17th, 1984 (October 17 1984)BirthRandall Munroe, American webcomic author
October 17th, 1983 (October 17 1983)BirthDaniel Booko, American actor
October 17th, 1983 (October 17 1983)BirthIvan Saenko, Russian football player
October 17th, 1983 (October 17 1983)DeathRaymond Aron, French philosopher (born in 1905) Philo Quotes
October 17th, 1982 (October 17 1982)BirthNick Riewoldt, Australian rules footballer
October 17th, 1981 (October 17 1981)DeathAlbert Cohen, Swiss author (born in 1895)
October 17th, 1980 (October 17 1980)BirthEkaterina Gamova, Russian volleyball player
October 17th, 1980 (October 17 1980)BirthAlessandro Piccolo, Italian racing driver
October 17th, 1979 (October 17 1979)EventMother Teresa awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.
October 17th, 1979 (October 17 1979)EventThe Department of Education Organization Act is signed into law creating the US Department of Education and US Department of Health and Human Services. Both replace the Department of Health, Education and Welfare.
October 17th, 1979 (October 17 1979)BirthMarcela Bovio, Mexican singer and violinist (Stream of Passion)
October 17th, 1979 (October 17 1979)BirthKimi Raikkonen, Finnish race car driver
October 17th, 1979 (October 17 1979)BirthKostas Tsartsaris, Greek basketball player
October 17th, 1979 (October 17 1979)DeathS. J. Perelman, American writer (born in 1904)S. J. Perelman Quotes
October 17th, 1979 (October 17 1979)DeathJohn Stuart, Scottish actor (born in 1898)John Scott Quotes
October 17th, 1977 (October 17 1977)EventGerman Autumn: Four days after it was hijacked, Lufthansa Flight 181 lands in Mogadishu, Somalia, where a team of German GSG 9 commandos later rescues all remaining hostages on board.
October 17th, 1977 (October 17 1977)BirthDudu Aouate, Israeli footballer
October 17th, 1977 (October 17 1977)BirthBryan Bertino, American film director and screenwriter
October 17th, 1976 (October 17 1976)BirthSebastian Abreu, Uruguayan footballer
October 17th, 1975 (October 17 1975)BirthFrancis Bouillon, American hockey player
October 17th, 1974 (October 17 1974)BirthMatthew Macfadyen, British actor
October 17th, 1974 (October 17 1974)BirthJanne Puurtinen, Finnish keyboarder (HIM)
October 17th, 1974 (October 17 1974)BirthJohn Rocker, American baseball player
October 17th, 1973 (October 17 1973)EventOPEC starts an oil embargo against a number of western countries, considered to have helped Israel in its war against Syria.
October 17th, 1973 (October 17 1973)DeathIngeborg Bachmann, Austrian writer (born in 1926)
October 17th, 1972 (October 17 1972)BirthEminem, American rapper Eminem Quotes
October 17th, 1972 (October 17 1972)BirthTarkan, Turkish singer Tarkan Quotes
October 17th, 1972 (October 17 1972)BirthWyclef Jean, Haitian-born singer
October 17th, 1972 (October 17 1972)BirthJoe McEwing, American baseball player
October 17th, 1972 (October 17 1972)DeathTurk Broda, Canadian ice hockey player (born in 1914)
October 17th, 1972 (October 17 1972)DeathPrince George of Yugoslavia (born in 1887)
October 17th, 1972 (October 17 1972)DeathBilly Williams, American singer (born in 1910)
October 17th, 1971 (October 17 1971)BirthChris Kirkpatrick, American singer ( N Sync)
October 17th, 1970 (October 17 1970)EventMontreal, Quebec: Quebec Vice-Premier and Minister of Labour Pierre Laporte murdered by members of the FLQ terrorist group.
October 17th, 1970 (October 17 1970)BirthAnil Kumble, Indian cricketer
October 17th, 1970 (October 17 1970)BirthJohn Mabry, American baseball player
October 17th, 1970 (October 17 1970)DeathPierre Laporte, Vice-Premier of Quebec (assassinated) (born in 1921)
October 17th, 1970 (October 17 1970)DeathVola Vale, American actress (born in 1897)
October 17th, 1969 (October 17 1969)BirthWood Harris, American actor
October 17th, 1969 (October 17 1969)BirthErnie Els, South African golfer
October 17th, 1969 (October 17 1969)BirthRick Mercer, Canadian comedian
October 17th, 1968 (October 17 1968)BirthZiggy Marley, Jamaican musician
October 17th, 1967 (October 17 1967)BirthRene Dif, Danish musician (Aqua)
October 17th, 1967 (October 17 1967)DeathHenry Pu Yi, last Emperor of China (born in 1906)
October 17th, 1966 (October 17 1966)EventA fire at a building in New York, New York kills 12 firefighters, the New York City Fire Department s deadliest day until the September 11, 2001 attacks.
October 17th, 1966 (October 17 1966)BirthMark Gatiss, English actor and writer
October 17th, 1966 (October 17 1966)BirthTommy Kendall, American race car driver and television personality
October 17th, 1966 (October 17 1966)DeathWieland Wagner, German stage director (born in 1917)
October 17th, 1965 (October 17 1965)EventThe 1964-1965 New York World s Fair closes after a two year run. More than 51 million people had attended the two-year event.
October 17th, 1965 (October 17 1965)BirthAravinda de Silva, Sri Lankan cricketer
October 17th, 1965 (October 17 1965)DeathJohn Barton King, Philadelphian cricketer (born in 1873)
October 17th, 1963 (October 17 1963)BirthSergio Goycochea, Argentine footballer
October 17th, 1963 (October 17 1963)BirthNorm MacDonald, Canadian comedian
October 17th, 1963 (October 17 1963)DeathJacques Hadamard, French mathematician (born in 1865)
October 17th, 1962 (October 17 1962)BirthMike Judge, Ecuadoran-born cartoonist
October 17th, 1962 (October 17 1962)DeathNatalia Goncharova, Russian painter (born in 1882)
October 17th, 1961 (October 17 1961)EventScores of Algerian protesters (some claim up to 400) are massacred by the Paris police at the instigation of Nazi collaborator Maurice Papon, then chief of the Prefecture of Police.
October 17th, 1960 (October 17 1960)BirthRob Marshall, American director
October 17th, 1960 (October 17 1960)BirthGuy Henry, English actor
October 17th, 1959 (October 17 1959)BirthRon Drummond, American writer
October 17th, 1959 (October 17 1959)BirthMark Peel, Australian historian and academic
October 17th, 1959 (October 17 1959)BirthRichard Roeper, American film critic
October 17th, 1959 (October 17 1959)BirthRussell Gilbert, Australian comedian
October 17th, 1958 (October 17 1958)BirthAlan Jackson, American singer and songwriter
October 17th, 1958 (October 17 1958)DeathCharlie Townsend, English cricketer (born in 1876)
October 17th, 1958 (October 17 1958)DeathPaul Outerbridge, American photographer (born in 1896)
October 17th, 1957 (October 17 1957)BirthLawrence Bender, American film producer
October 17th, 1957 (October 17 1957)BirthSteve McMichael, American football player
October 17th, 1956 (October 17 1956)BirthMae Jemison, American astronaut
October 17th, 1956 (October 17 1956)BirthPatrick McCrory, American politician
October 17th, 1956 (October 17 1956)DeathAnne Crawford, British film actor (born in 1920)
October 17th, 1955 (October 17 1955)BirthGeorgios Alogoskoufis, Greek politician
October 17th, 1950 (October 17 1950)BirthHoward Rollins, American actor (died in 1996)
October 17th, 1948 (October 17 1948)BirthMargot Kidder, Canadian actress
October 17th, 1948 (October 17 1948)BirthGeorge Wendt, American actor
October 17th, 1948 (October 17 1948)BirthRobert Jordan, American novelist (died in 2007)
October 17th, 1947 (October 17 1947)BirthGene Green, American politician
October 17th, 1947 (October 17 1947)BirthMichael McKean, American actor
October 17th, 1946 (October 17 1946)BirthSir Cameron Mackintosh, British stage producer
October 17th, 1946 (October 17 1946)BirthAdam Michnik, Polish activist
October 17th, 1946 (October 17 1946)BirthBob Seagren, American athlete
October 17th, 1946 (October 17 1946)BirthMichael Hossack, American musician (The Doobie Brothers)
October 17th, 1945 (October 17 1945)EventA massive number of people, headed by CGT and Evita, gather in the Plaza de Mayo in Argentina to demand Juan Peron s release. This is known to the Peronists as the Dia de la lealtad (day of loyalty). It s considered the birthday of Peronism.
October 17th, 1943 (October 17 1943)DeathStefan Starzynski, Polish politician (born in 1893)
October 17th, 1942 (October 17 1942)BirthGary Puckett, American musician
October 17th, 1941 (October 17 1941)EventFor the first time in World War II, a German submarine attacks an American ship.
October 17th, 1941 (October 17 1941)BirthEarl Thomas Conley, American singer
October 17th, 1941 (October 17 1941)BirthJim Seals American singer (Seals and Crofts)
October 17th, 1940 (October 17 1940)BirthPeter Stringfellow, British nightclub owner
October 17th, 1940 (October 17 1940)BirthJim Smith, English footballer and manager
October 17th, 1938 (October 17 1938)BirthEvel Knievel, American motorcycle daredevil (died in 2007)
October 17th, 1938 (October 17 1938)DeathKarl Kautsky, Marxist theoretician (born in 1854)Karl Marx Quotes
October 17th, 1937 (October 17 1937)BirthPaxton Whitehead, English actor
October 17th, 1936 (October 17 1936)BirthHiroo Kanamori, Japanese seismologist
October 17th, 1934 (October 17 1934)BirthJohnny Haynes, English footballer (died in 2005)
October 17th, 1934 (October 17 1934)DeathSantiago Ramon y Cajal, Spanish histologist and neuroscientist, recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine (born in 1852)
October 17th, 1933 (October 17 1933)EventAlbert Einstein, fleeing Nazi Germany, moves to the US.Albert Einstein Quotes
October 17th, 1933 (October 17 1933)BirthJeanine Deckers, Belgian nun (died in 1985)
October 17th, 1931 (October 17 1931)EventAl Capone convicted of income tax evasion.Al Capone Quotes
October 17th, 1931 (October 17 1931)BirthErnst Hinterberger, Austrian writer
October 17th, 1931 (October 17 1931)DeathAlfons Maria Jakob, German neurologist (born in 1884)
October 17th, 1930 (October 17 1930)BirthRobert Atkins, American nutritionist (died in 2003)
October 17th, 1930 (October 17 1930)BirthJimmy Breslin, American newspaper columnist and author
October 17th, 1926 (October 17 1926)BirthJulie Adams, American film actress
October 17th, 1925 (October 17 1925)BirthHarry Carpenter, English sports commentator
October 17th, 1923 (October 17 1923)BirthCharles McClendon, American football coach (died in 2001)
October 17th, 1923 (October 17 1923)BirthBarney Kessel, American musician (died in 2004)
October 17th, 1922 (October 17 1922)BirthPierre Juneau, Canadian film and broadcast executive
October 17th, 1922 (October 17 1922)BirthLuiz Bonfa, Brazilian composer (died in 2001)
October 17th, 1921 (October 17 1921)BirthTom Poston, American actor and comedian (died in 2007)
October 17th, 1921 (October 17 1921)BirthMaria Gorokhovskaya, Soviet gymnast (died in 2001)
October 17th, 1920 (October 17 1920)BirthMiguel Delibes, Spanish writer
October 17th, 1920 (October 17 1920)BirthMontgomery Clift, American actor (died in 1966)
October 17th, 1919 (October 17 1919)BirthIsaak Markovich Khalatnikov, Russian physicist
October 17th, 1918 (October 17 1918)BirthRita Hayworth, American actress (died in 1987)
October 17th, 1917 (October 17 1917)EventFirst British bombing of Germany in World War I.
October 17th, 1917 (October 17 1917)BirthSumner Locke Elliott, Australian-born American novelist (died in 1991)
October 17th, 1915 (October 17 1915)BirthArthur Miller, American playwright (died in 2005)Arthur Miller Quotes
October 17th, 1914 (October 17 1914)BirthJerry Siegel, American cartoonist (died in 1996)Jerry Siegel Quotes
October 17th, 1912 (October 17 1912)EventBulgaria, Greece and Serbia declare war on the Ottoman Empire, joining Montenegro in the First Balkan War.
October 17th, 1912 (October 17 1912)BirthPope John Paul I (died in 1978)
October 17th, 1912 (October 17 1912)BirthJack Owens, The Cruising Crooner, American singer/songwriter (died in 1982)
October 17th, 1910 (October 17 1910)DeathJulia Ward Howe, American composer and abolitionist (born in 1819)Julia Ward Howe Quotes
October 17th, 1908 (October 17 1908)BirthRed Rolfe, American baseball player (died in 1969)
October 17th, 1907 (October 17 1907)EventGuglielmo Marconi s company begins the first commercial transatlantic wireless service between Glace Bay, Nova Scotia, Canada and Clifden, Ireland.Guglielmo Marconi Quotes
October 17th, 1906 (October 17 1906)BirthPaul Derringer, American baseball player (died in 1987)
October 17th, 1903 (October 17 1903)BirthNathanael West, American writer (died in 1940)
October 17th, 1902 (October 17 1902)BirthIrene Ryan, American actress (died in 1973)
October 17th, 1900 (October 17 1900)BirthJean Arthur, American actress (died in 1991)
October 17th, 1898 (October 17 1898)BirthShinichi Suzuki, Japanese violin teacher (died in 1998)
October 17th, 1898 (October 17 1898)BirthSimon Vestdijk, Dutch writer (died in 1971)
October 17th, 1892 (October 17 1892)BirthTheodor Eicke, Nazi official (died in 1943)
October 17th, 1892 (October 17 1892)BirthHerbert Howells, English Composer (died in 1983)
October 17th, 1890 (October 17 1890)BirthRoy Kilner, English cricketer (died in 1928)
October 17th, 1889 (October 17 1889)DeathNikolai Chernyshevsky, Russian philosopher (born in 1828) Philo Quotes
October 17th, 1888 (October 17 1888)EventThomas Edison files a patent for the Optical Phonograph (the first movie).
October 17th, 1887 (October 17 1887)DeathGustav Kirchhoff, German physicist (born in 1824)
October 17th, 1886 (October 17 1886)BirthSpring Byington, American actress (died in 1971)
October 17th, 1868 (October 17 1868)DeathLaura Secord, Canadian heroine of the war of 1812 (born in 1775)
October 17th, 1865 (October 17 1865)BirthJames Rudolph Garfield, American politician (died in 1950)
October 17th, 1864 (October 17 1864)BirthElinor Glyn, British writer (died in 1943)Elinor Glyn Quotes
October 17th, 1860 (October 17 1860)EventFirst The Open Championship (referred to in North America as the British Open).
October 17th, 1853 (October 17 1853)BirthGrand Duchess Maria Alexandrovna of Russia (died in 1920)
October 17th, 1849 (October 17 1849)DeathFrederic Chopin, Polish-French musician and composer (born in 1810)
October 17th, 1837 (October 17 1837)DeathJohann Nepomuk Hummel, Austrian virtuoso pianist and composer (born in 1778)
October 17th, 1836 (October 17 1836)DeathOrest Kiprensky, Russian painter (born in 1782)
October 17th, 1817 (October 17 1817)BirthSir Syed Ahmad Khan, Indian Muslim intellectual (died in 1898)
October 17th, 1813 (October 17 1813)BirthGeorg Buchner, German playwright (died in 1837)
October 17th, 1811 (October 17 1811)BirthAlbertus van Raalte, Dutch/American religious leader (died in 1876)
October 17th, 1806 (October 17 1806)EventFormer leader of the Haitian Revolution, Emperor Jacques I of Haiti was assassinated after an oppressive rule.
October 17th, 1806 (October 17 1806)DeathJean-Jacques Dessalines, Haitian independence leader (born in 1758)
October 17th, 1800 (October 17 1800)EventEngland takes control of the Dutch colony of Curacao.Cao Cao Quotes
October 17th, 1797 (October 17 1797)EventTreaty of Campo Formio is signed between France and Austria.
October 17th, 1786 (October 17 1786)DeathJohann Ludwig Aberli, Swiss artist (born in 1723)
October 17th, 1781 (October 17 1781)EventGeneral Charles Cornwallis offers his surrender to the American revolutionists at Yorktown, Virginia.
October 17th, 1780 (October 17 1780)DeathWilliam Cookworthy, English chemist (born in 1705)
October 17th, 1777 (October 17 1777)EventAmerican troops defeat the British in the Battle of Saratoga.
October 17th, 1776 (October 17 1776)DeathPierre Francois le Courayer, French theologian (born in 1681)
October 17th, 1757 (October 17 1757)DeathRene Antoine Ferchault de Reaumur, French scientist (born in 1683)
October 17th, 1719 (October 17 1719)BirthJacques Cazotte, French writer (died in 1792)
October 17th, 1711 (October 17 1711)BirthJupiter Hammon, American writer
October 17th, 1688 (October 17 1688)BirthDomenico Zipoli, Italian composer (died in 1726)
October 17th, 1673 (October 17 1673)DeathThomas Clifford, 1st Baron Clifford of Chudleigh, English statesman (born in 1630)
October 17th, 1662 (October 17 1662)EventCharles II of England sells Dunkirk to France for 40,000 pounds.
October 17th, 1660 (October 17 1660)EventNine Regicides, the men who signed the death warrant of Charles I, are hanged, drawn and quartered, another is hanged.
October 17th, 1660 (October 17 1660)DeathAdrian Scrope, English regicide (born in 1601)
October 17th, 1623 (October 17 1623)BirthFrancis Turretin, Swiss theologian (died in 1687)
October 17th, 1616 (October 17 1616)DeathJohn Pitts, Catholic scholar and writer. (born in 1560)
October 17th, 1610 (October 17 1610)EventFrench king Louis XIII is crowned in Rheims.
October 17th, 1604 (October 17 1604)EventKepler s Star: German astronomer Johannes Kepler observes that an exceptionally bright star had suddenly appeared in the constellation. Ophiuchus, which turned out to be the last supernova to have been observed in our own galaxy, the Milky Way.
October 17th, 1586 (October 17 1586)DeathPhilip Sidney, English courtier, soldier, and writer (killed in battle) (born in 1554)Philip Sidney Quotes
October 17th, 1582 (October 17 1582)BirthJohann Gerhard, German Lutheran leader (died in 1637)
October 17th, 1577 (October 17 1577)BirthCristofano Allori, Italian painter (died in 1621)
October 17th, 1563 (October 17 1563)BirthJodocus Hondius, Flemish cartographer (died in 1611)
October 17th, 1456 (October 17 1456)EventThe University of Greifswald is established, making it the second oldest university in northern Europe (also for a period the oldest in Sweden, and Prussia)
October 17th, 1448 (October 17 1448)EventSecond Battle of Kosovo, where the mainly Hungarian army led by John Hunyadi were defeated by an Ottoman army led by Sultan Murad II.
October 17th, 1346 (October 17 1346)EventBattle of Neville s Cross: King David II of Scotland is captured by Edward III of England at Calais, and imprisoned in the Tower of London for eleven years.
October 17th, 1253 (October 17 1253)BirthIvo of Kermartin, French saint (died in 1303)
October 17th, 1244 (October 17 1244)EventBattle of La Forbie: Crusaders are defeated by Khwarezmians and Egyptians.
October 17th, 1174 (October 17 1174)DeathQueen Petronila of Aragon (born in 1135)
October 17th, 1091 (October 17 1091)EventT8/F4 tornado strikes the heart of London.
October 17th, 0539 (October 17 0539)EventKing Cyrus The Great of Persia marches into the city of Babylon, releasing the Jews from almost 70 years of exile and making the first Human Rights Declaration.
October 17th, 0532 (October 17 0532)DeathPope Boniface II

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