October 17 2006

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October 17th, 2006 (October 17 2006)EventThe United States population reaches 300 million.
October 17th, 2006 (October 17 2006)DeathDaniel Emilfork, French actor (born in 1924)
October 17th, 2006 (October 17 2006)DeathChristopher Glenn, American newscaster (born in 1938)
October 17th, 1996 (October 17 1996)DeathChris Acland, English drummer (Lush) (born in 1966)
October 17th, 1976 (October 17 1976)BirthSebastian Abreu, Uruguayan footballer
October 17th, 1966 (October 17 1966)EventA fire at a building in New York, New York kills 12 firefighters, the New York City Fire Department s deadliest day until the September 11, 2001 attacks.
October 17th, 1966 (October 17 1966)BirthMark Gatiss, English actor and writer
October 17th, 1966 (October 17 1966)BirthTommy Kendall, American race car driver and television personality
October 17th, 1966 (October 17 1966)DeathWieland Wagner, German stage director (born in 1917)
October 17th, 1956 (October 17 1956)BirthMae Jemison, American astronaut
October 17th, 1956 (October 17 1956)BirthPatrick McCrory, American politician
October 17th, 1956 (October 17 1956)DeathAnne Crawford, British film actor (born in 1920)
October 17th, 1946 (October 17 1946)BirthSir Cameron Mackintosh, British stage producer
October 17th, 1946 (October 17 1946)BirthAdam Michnik, Polish activist
October 17th, 1946 (October 17 1946)BirthBob Seagren, American athlete
October 17th, 1946 (October 17 1946)BirthMichael Hossack, American musician (The Doobie Brothers)
October 17th, 1936 (October 17 1936)BirthHiroo Kanamori, Japanese seismologist
October 17th, 1926 (October 17 1926)BirthJulie Adams, American film actress
October 17th, 1906 (October 17 1906)BirthPaul Derringer, American baseball player (died in 1987)
October 17th, 1886 (October 17 1886)BirthSpring Byington, American actress (died in 1971)
October 17th, 1836 (October 17 1836)DeathOrest Kiprensky, Russian painter (born in 1782)
October 17th, 1806 (October 17 1806)EventFormer leader of the Haitian Revolution, Emperor Jacques I of Haiti was assassinated after an oppressive rule.
October 17th, 1806 (October 17 1806)DeathJean-Jacques Dessalines, Haitian independence leader (born in 1758)
October 17th, 1786 (October 17 1786)DeathJohann Ludwig Aberli, Swiss artist (born in 1723)
October 17th, 1776 (October 17 1776)DeathPierre Francois le Courayer, French theologian (born in 1681)
October 17th, 1616 (October 17 1616)DeathJohn Pitts, Catholic scholar and writer. (born in 1560)
October 17th, 1586 (October 17 1586)DeathPhilip Sidney, English courtier, soldier, and writer (killed in battle) (born in 1554)Philip Sidney Quotes
October 17th, 1456 (October 17 1456)EventThe University of Greifswald is established, making it the second oldest university in northern Europe (also for a period the oldest in Sweden, and Prussia)
October 17th, 1346 (October 17 1346)EventBattle of Neville s Cross: King David II of Scotland is captured by Edward III of England at Calais, and imprisoned in the Tower of London for eleven years.

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